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Keep things efficient, but still leave room for the magic to happen.



What is the primary purpose? Who is the audience? We'll work together to ask the important questions that make a good idea turn out great.



Now we have a strategy, but there are a million ways to solve the puzzle. We'll brainstorm ways to make sure we're moving ahead with the right ideas.



We'll put together a few different directions to explore the breadth of possible solutions. Together, we pick an option and refine the final solution.

“India is an incredibly talented and resourceful designer, and one of my favorite people to partner with on any project. She’s collaborative, creative, and thoughtful. Having worked with her in my own consulting practice as well as in corporate settings, I think she’s one of the most flexible designers I’ve come across, particularly when it comes to working with brand teams with strong opinions.

She also has the imagination and the discipline to build wonderful design systems from scratch. It’s so rare to come across someone with this much versatility!”
— Neeta Bidwai, DFN | MKT

Meet India

I’m driven by curiosity.

With a background in print design, I found my passion in the spreading of ideas through marketing and information design. I’ve worked with everyone from local start-ups to big corporations and am up to take on a challenge. I enjoy learning new things, which gives a fresh me fresh perspective that I bring to my work.

My clients say I'm quick, innovative, and easy to work with. 

When I'm not in front of my computer I'm hiking mountains with my dog or traveling to places where I can practice my Spanish.

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Core services

Transform complicated ideas into simple, engaging solutions.

Art Direction

Let’s set the visual style that makes your company stand out. We’ll create a brand from scratch or revamp an existing look from the bottom up. Logos? Illustrations? Typography? Check, check, check.

Design Strategy

You have an important message to share, but what’s the most effective way to connect with your audience? Together we’ll analyze research and decide on an approach to tell a memorable story.

User Experience

It’s all about your goals. Does your website drive clear action? Is your product intuitive to use? We’ll follow the customer journey from awareness to advocate and eliminate confusion in the process.

“To say India has some sort of magical component to her creativity is not an understatement. I’ve spent over 20 years in sales and marketing and have never worked with someone who can so quickly identify the “visual story” in the way India can.

The only difficulty in working with India is that there is only ONE of her. Once someone has engaged with India they are reluctant to work with any other designers.”
— Jonni Ressler, Eleven 11 Solutions

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Impactful design for companies of all sizes.

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